What you can do for choosing a bankruptcy attorney is calling the bar and asking them to provide you a list of a bankruptcy attorney. Some attorneys specialize in bankruptcy while others have a more general practice with bankruptcy being one of their domains. You may also find attorneys experienced in other cases but would want the first chance at bankruptcy filing. The recent developments in the economy could be the reason that attorneys are getting inclined towards bankruptcy cases. For you, it is advisable to go for the specialized and experienced attorney in bankruptcy.

You need to be informed that bankruptcy attorney is a specialized job but even within that are sub-specialties. There are four different kinds of bankruptcy which are Chapters 7, 11, 12 and 13. It is preferable for you that you choose a bankruptcy attorney who specializes in that Chapter of bankruptcy which relates to your case. If you do this part right then the ride ahead would get easier for you as you would be in expert, capable and safe hands.

As in any other profession, experience counts in bankruptcy as well. You just need to be careful that you don’t confuse experience the number of years an individual has practiced bankruptcy filing or the age of the individual for that matter. Old bankruptcy attorneys and same goes for old-fashioned bankruptcy attorney might not keep themselves updated about the new developments in the economy and the new taxation rules which emerge as new ones or amended ones. This will be a huge setback for you if you hire such an attorney who does not keep himself/herself continuously updated about new rules of the game.

Some attorneys accompany debtors in the meeting of creditors while others don’t. This condition should be brought up with your potential attorney before choosing one. An attorney which will accompany you at creditors meeting is the preferred one rather than one who won’t. There is more than one reason for this. You would need to appoint another attorney for the meeting if bankruptcy attorney doesn’t accompany you. Not having an attorney is a bad idea as the trustee might want some urgent documentation which the attorney would be capable of executing or the trustee may even have questions to which would be better answered by the attorney rather than by the debtor. Moreover, the bankruptcy attorney will have to provide a copy of bankruptcy petition to the attorney who would attend the meeting so that he is fully aware of all the facts and figures related to the case. Two attorneys having the same information and serving you at two different fronts only makes the process complex for you to manage. That is not what you are looking for. So, an attorney who would give you a turn-key solution from start to finish is going to be your choice.

Before hiring the attorney, you should know what services are included in the attorney fee. The fee may be a break-down of bankruptcy petition filing fee, attending creditors meeting fee and other charges etc. Many attorneys charge a flat fee which includes petition filing fee. Comparing fee for a few attorneys also adds to your personal satisfaction while choosing an attorney.