With the undeniable shift from traditional means of marketing to online marketing, companies and firms have resorted to plunge into the online marketing space to win customers. Law firms have not been left out on this. In fact, some are leading the charge, creating loyalty with existing customers and forging relationships with their audience all through employing online marketing tactics. Learn how the top Ohio lawyers use S.E.O to grow their firms.

Seo for Law Businesses


Search engine optimization (S.E.O) as the name suggests is the means to which websites and brands that own them are able to improve their rankings online and hence create a strong presence and visibility with their target customers. The technical tactic is made possible through use of content, keywords, a good S.E.O strategy, a proper understanding of what people search for online and how to reach them. Below are some ways the top Ohio layers use S.E.O to grow their firms.


These law firms have invested in the development of well-designed and functional websites that become the backbone of their presence online. Like they say, ‘your website is your company/brand’s online home.’ And without a doubt, good websites stand out from the crowd, beating competitors poorly designed sites. Most websites are also mobile friendly as statistics indicate that more and more people are using their phones online than on their laptops/desktops. Even when looking for a lawyer.


The primary focus for websites is content. Law firm websites that have good relevant content experience better S.E.O results, in addition to the keyword metrics use. High quality content that’s published on a regular ensures that more customers are engaging with your website and these become leads for potential clients. It also gives your firm an authoritarian stand as you are viewed as the more trusted professional based on the quality content your share with your audience (as long as it’s good and relevant).



Once the website and long-term content strategy is in place, with the help of the right marketing agency or an expert in-house marketer, the law firm uses online marketing strategies to advertise the firm. These strategies include; paid advertising, use of keyword and S.E.O optimization, paid per click strategy and use of social media platforms to create more brand visibility and awareness. For this to happen, the company must profile their ideal customer and create a persona that will help them target their communication to the right customer.

With such a strategy, the law firm is able to increase its customer base through improved online marketing efforts.