The breakdown of a marriage is a stressful event that a couple does try to avoid, but ultimately a divorce can be the only solution to dissolve a relationship. Every state and country has its own laws for divorce and these have to be taken into consideration when any person needs to file for divorce.

Types Of Divorce

Divorces can be of two types. A fault divorce is one in which claims are made of infidelity, violence, criminal activity by one of the persons involved in the marriage from which a divorce is being required. These lawyers for divorce and custody are almost always contested and involve a lot of conflicts that are difficult to negotiate. Division of property, assets, and the custody children can become contentious affairs, that have to be decided by family courts when negotiations fail.

Through Mutual Consent

When a divorce is filed through mutual consent, often citing irreconcilable differences, these divorces are easier on both parties and there can be less conflict in the required division. Even here there can be disputes regarding assets, property and the custody of children that will require further negotiation and often court action. Legal residency of the state in which you file for divorce is a must and has a common requirement of six months in most states.

Requires Documentation

Filing for divorce requires a fair bit of documentation and other personal information to be given. This will include birth certificates of both parties and the children, naturalization or immigrant papers, the marriage license, any documents of previous marriages, identification in the form of social security cards, income-related documentation, property ownership, investment records, tax returns, bank accounts, insurance and proof of ownership of any other assets that need to be divided. Couples wanting to divorce also have to give thought to the questions of child custody, child support, distribution of joint assets, ownership of homes, and distribution of assets.

Relevant Authorities

Filing for divorce requires the submission of divorce papers to the relevant authorities in a family court, and are best pursued through divorce lawyers who are familiar with the procedure. The divorce papers can be filed by any spouse, and the other spouse can be served the divorce papers. It is possible to also to file such divorce petitions online. Filing for divorce where faults are alleged does require establishing the blame and can require proper witnesses and other types of proof. Most divorce proceedings do require a fair bit of time, though uncontested divorces do tend to go through courts faster.